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In 1999 we decided to expand our plastic production and enter the thermoplastic field.

Tongyuan is a comprehensive professional enterprise, engaged in various types of high-quality plastic pipe fittings research and development, production, sales, services, pipe network design, evaluation of cost, installation and construction. The company is major in the production of various models of high quality PE, PVC, PP-R, PE-RT, C-PVC, MPP, HDPE gas, mining pipe, pipe fittings. In order to meet the needs of the society for high-quality pipes, the company introduced the current domestic advanced pipe, pipe fittings production lines and other auxiliary equipment. The annual production capacity of various series of products has reached more than 100 thousand tons, and the continuous introduction of advanced equipment has become an important process for our company to implement brand strategy. It creates "Tongyuan" ,this well-known brand, through the advanced testing equipment, excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service .

In 1999 we decided to expand our plastic production and enter the thermoplastic field. Our production for thermoplastic is focused on High Density Polyethylene pipes & Fittings,Furthermore in 2000, we extended our production through our third subsidiary to produce pressure pipes .

Our last expansion was in 2004 with an opening of a new factory October For Plastic pipes, where we started producing a very wide range of HDPE pipes for several application.

Henan tongyuan has 20 year experience of steel products manufacturing and exporting. Our cooperated customers come from countries and areas like South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We sincerely service every customer. Whether you cooperate with us or not, we will provide the high-quality steel solutions for you.

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Henan Tongyuan Passed Quality Inspection

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We have pe,hdpe,mpp pipe,other water pipe products. If you are interested in our company or supply water pipe products,welcome to sent us email (Email: info@hdpe100pipe.com) or call us directly (Tel:0086-15981894247). We can offer you best price and details. Any customized parts are accepted.